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Staying Home

Let's Take The Self-Quarantine Seriously

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Within the span of a week, life as we knew it has been turned upside down. By now you probably have heard the phrase “the new normal.” You might even be doing your best to adjust to this new normal. While navigating through this unfamiliar territory, you might be questioning if that these measures are excessive or inadequate. The best thing you can do is remain calm but take this pandemic seriously.

Stay informed but not overwhelmed

It’s easy to get bombarded with coronavirus updates and daily news. Make sure you’re getting updates from trusted news organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization. These two organizations will provide the most up to date stats and facts regarding COVID-19. However, when consuming news in times of crises, it’s important to strike a balance between informing and overwhelming yourself. If you find that the constant updates are causing anxiety, consider muting your news notification or check your social media sparingly.

Today’s measures are for a better tomorrow

There might be a lot of discussion as to whether self-quarantine is necessary. Staying home, limiting time with friends, and missing out on going to restaurants and bars can feel restricting. But what we do today can make a big difference two weeks down the line. Practicing social distancing can help stop the spread of the virus and help hospitals provide the best care without running out of beds or medical supplies. As difficult as the time may seem, remember the point of the self-quarantine is to save lives.

Take time to be present and be creative

Just because we are self-quarantining ourselves doesn’t mean you have to put your life on hold. There will be roadblocks, but this is the perfect time to get creative. If you can’t make it out to your favorite restaurant, look up the recipe to your favorite dish and try to make it yourself! Buy some art supplies and have fun creating whatever comes out. And if you aren’t the creative type, practice being mindful. Time alone doesn’t have to be boring; taking time to be grateful can set the tone for your day.

We are in this together

These might seem like dark days, but what makes this event unique is that we are all in this together. From China to Italy and even within our own country, we are all experiencing this new normal. Sometimes it takes a crisis to bring out the best in everyone. Take this opportunity to help someone who might be elderly or immunocompromised. Look for ways to offer your talent in a digital media such as an online cooking or Zumba class. Check on your friends who are extroverts, they might be going bonkers. Having gone through Hurricane Katrina, the Gulf South is better prepared than most other cities. We got through that, we’ll get through this!

The information in this blog post is accurate at the time of publication. However, as the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to change, it's possible that information has changed since being published. While Ochsner Health is trying to keep our blog posts as up-to-date as possible, we also encourage readers to stay informed on news and recommendations by using the CDC website.

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