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Your Child's Developmental Milestones

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Developmental milestones are a set of skills or tasks that most children can do at a certain age range. It is important to realize that all children grow and develop at different rates. Pediatricians use guidelines to help evaluate how a child is developing.

Here is an easy and helpful summary of when your child should reaching developmental milestones. If your child is not meeting these milestones, it is important to have him or her evaluated by your doctor to determine whether any further testing or interventions are necessary.


Gross motor

Fine motor



1 month

Raises head from prone position

Visually fixates

Clenches fists tightly

Brings hands to mouth and face

Alerts to sounds

Turns to regard observer’s face

2 month

Lifts chest off table

Brings hands to midline

Tracks 180 degrees

No longer clenches fists tightly

Coos in response

Social smile

3 month

Uses forearms to push up

Holds head and chest up

Holds hands open

Holds object placed in hands

Babbles randomly

Anticipates feedings

Reaches for familiar objects

4 month

Rolls over front to back

Achieves head control

Supports on wrist

Reaches out for object with both hands

Laughs aloud

Enjoys looking around

5 month

Rolls back to front


Reaches out unilaterally

Blows raspberries

6 month

Sits when placed

Helps hold a bottle

Raking grasp

Babbles rhythmically

Stranger anxiety

7 month

Gets in to sitting posture by self

Responds to sound indirectly

8 month

Commando crawl

Finger feeds

“Dada” indiscriminately

9 month

Lateral propping

Pulls to stand

Crawls with legs underneath belly


Immature pincer grasp

Holds bottle

Throws objects

“Mama” indiscriminately

Understands own name

Gesture games


Waves “bye-bye”

10 month

Walks when both hands held

Responds to sound directly

11 month

Walks with one hand held

One word plus “mama/dada” specifically

12 month

Walks alone

Posterior propping

Drinks from sippy cup

Marks paper with crayon

Mature pincher grasp

Follows one step command with gesture

2 other words

Babbles with inflection

Enjoys imitating

Cooperates with dressing

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