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Join Ochsner Digital Medicine to Help Keep Your Kidneys Working Longer

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Kidneys are amazing organs. They are our body’s filter, removing waste from our blood. They can generate Vitamin D and absorb iron to maintain a good blood cell count. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition where the kidneys do not filter out waste or toxins from the body like they should. Without proper treatment, CKD may progress to kidney failure.

High blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes are two key factors that affect kidney health, so managing these conditions are critical to those with CKD.

Ochsner’s nephrology team is a leader in kidney care for patients throughout the Gulf South. To improve patient outcomes, the department regularly partners with other Ochsner departments and services. In this video, Ayaa Zarm, MD, a leading specialist in nephrology at Ochsner Health, reveals a new tool to benefit kidney care. The Ochsner Digital Medicine program focuses on high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes and engages and encourages enrolled members to take an active role in maintaining their health. Members participate in the program from home, with the use of easy digital tools and extra support from a licensed clinician and panel of expert health coaches.

The program’s remote monitoring of blood pressure or blood sugar enables the early detection of potential issues, leading to proactive adjustments for a more personalized healthcare plan. As Dr. Zarm explains, CKD progresses over time, and once the condition has progressed too far, it is difficult to reverse.

But the personalized plan of care, improved data and convenient continuous monitoring of Digital Medicine gives her a better overview of the control the Digital Medicine member has over their high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. This leads to better management, as well as early intervention before the condition worsens.

“You can then slow that progression of chronic kidney disease down [and] save the kidney for a longer period of time.” Says Dr. Zarm. “That’s the goal.”

With Ochsner Digital Medicine, both the provider and patient can benefit. By working together, says Dr. Zarm, everyone is “on board to make sure all these risk factors are under control so the progression slows down.”

If you are living with high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes, enroll in the Ochsner Digital Medicine program for kidney health support. 

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