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Internal Medicine Specialist Shares Her Passion for Medicine

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You have a brilliant cardiologist. An amazing allergist. A great doctor for your back. But who’s looking at the big picture? Who’s looking at the whole you? That’s where an Ochsner internal medicine physician comes in.

Meet Sarah Knight, MD, a primary care physician specializing in internal medicine at Ochsner St. Anne in Raceland, Louisiana and Ochsner Health Center in Raceland. Dr. Knight's passion for science started at a young age. She says, "I like it because I can take the science that I've always loved and then apply it to people." Dr. Knight believes in making a joint decision with her patients, so they feel empowered and comfortable with their treatment plan.

An internal medicine doctor is a primary care physician who specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases that affect adults 18 years of age and older. Ochsner is home to some of the most talented internists in the region – men and women who dedicate their lives to treating the whole person. At Ochsner, we work to build relationships with our patients – relationship that will last for years. You don’t just see us when you’re sick. You see us to stay well.

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