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Injured but Itching to Get Back in the Game? These Doctors Understand

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Father and son sports medicine doctors Jeffrey Burnham, MD, and Jeremy Burnham, MD, have something in common besides their occupations: They understand when they're treating an injured athlete who's itching to get back into the game.

The elder Dr. Burnham shares a story in this video about a time he got "tennis leg'' when he was playing recreational tennis. He ran up to the net and stopped quickly, and suddenly felt a pain like being shot in the calf.

A friend of his who is an avid tennis player said that getting "tennis leg'' is almost like a badge of honor. "I didn't feel like it was an honor -- I was on crutches for three weeks.'' 

Dr.  Burnham said the experience taught him "you have to learn to have some patience'' as you recover. He said experiences like that help him in his treatment of athletes today, because he understands their frustration.

His son offered a similar story, from when he was playing linebacker his senior year in high school.

He injured his knee and felt a pop and felt a sharp pain. He said the sports medicine orthopedist gave him a lot of reassurance. Dr. Jeremy Burnham shared how that experience has helped him treat patients today. He understands the heartache of wanting to get back to playing.

Watch the full video to see their entire conversation.

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