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How To Safely Celebrate New Year’s During COVID-19

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Making it through 2021 is a cause for celebration, but how can you celebrate the new year safely? The reality is that while many of us would like to be with friends and family or traveling, the pandemic demands that we put safety first to ensure a truly happy new year. Here are some fun ideas to consider while making your new year celebrations healthy and happy.

Virtual countdown

  • Get on a video call with your favorite folks in your time zone to count down to midnight. If you’d rather not be on camera, a phone call can go a long way when trying to stay connected.
  • Play some virtual games. There are plenty of games that you can play virtually while waiting for the big moment. Consider video games or a digital version of a traditional card or board game. Trivia is also always a good option.
  • Watch the Times Square ball drop. Here's how you can tune in with the rest of the country for this time-honored tradition.

Tasty new year

  • Cook a new year’s brunch and/or have a homemade dinner. You may want to include “good-luck” foods like black-eyed peas and greens. Don’t forget dessert!
  • Enjoy some festive beverages. Try your hand at creating mocktails for toasting to the new year.

Party at home

  • Decorate your space with 2022-themed props like balloons, streamers and confetti. Whether you live alone or with other people, your living room can transform into party central. Get creative!
  • Dress up anyway! Put on your best party attire to make the night feel a little more magical. Put on some 2022 glasses or a festive mask.
  • Turn on some music! Listen to your favorite songs of 2021. A lot of music apps like Spotify make it easy for you to enjoy a personalized soundtrack of your year.
  • If it is legal and safe to do so in your area, light some fireworks. Just make sure you do it safely. Check out these fireworks safety tips.

Reflect and Plan For 2022

  • Write in a journal. It is a great way to put your life experiences into perspective, especially during such a historic year. Journaling is a good habit to create. It can also help you unwind and de-stress. It is recommended to use pen and paper for this exercise, but you can also use a journal app or website.
  • Create a collection of photos of the highlights of 2021. You can have your friends and family submit photos to the album to create something that is timeless.
  • Write down your New Year’s resolutions for 2022 and how you want to achieve them.

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