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Help Your Employees Manage Chronic Conditions Without Leaving the Office in 2024

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There’s no way to sugarcoat it: Chronic (ongoing) conditions, like high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, are costly. Not only does the expense of medication and visits to the doctor add up for individual patients, but time spent away from their jobs can be costly, too. According to the CDC, chronic conditions can affect productivity. It is reported that chronic conditions can cost employers in the United States $36.4 billion per year due to employees missing days of work.

There are a number of examples that demonstrate the economic impact on employers. A person living with a chronic condition is three times more likely to have heart disease and four times more likely to have a stroke. Of those who have a stroke, only about half can return to work. Even if someone doesn’t have a stroke, an individual with poorly managed diabetes or blood pressure can miss five to six days per year solely due to the condition.

That is why it is essential that organizations provide opportunities for employees to manage chronic conditions.

For this purpose, digital health programs may be superior to traditional care alone. Digital programs allow employees to manage their conditions wherever and whenever without taking unnecessary time off from work. These programs are often personalized and simplified, with patients feeling more connected to managing of their own health.

Organizations can offer their employees high-quality, accessible care that meets them where they are with the Ochsner Digital Medicine program. This solution allows your employees and their dependents to manage the chronic conditions of high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes remotely. By giving members the tools they need to manage their chronic conditions outside of a clinic, coupled with the dedicated support of a care team, organizations are likely to boost productivity while keeping healthcare costs down.

Ochsner’s Digital Medicine program gives eligible members everything they need to manage their high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes at home or work. The program includes:

  • A blood pressure cuff and/or glucometer that automatically sends readings via their smartphone or tablet to their clinician and health coach.
  • A licensed clinician who monitors blood pressure or blood sugar readings and can adjust medications as needed.
  • A panel of health coaches who help the enrolled member take manageable steps towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Ongoing monthly reports, support tools and resources that help them stay on track.

The program is nationally recognized and clinically proven. When used consistently, data shows our enrolled members gain remarkable control of their blood pressure and blood sugar – better than before they were in the program AND better than matched patients in traditional care programs. Click here to see our latest detailed statistics. This all leads to less sick time, less out-of-office time for doctor’s appointments, and better overall health. Enrollees have also reported feeling more engaged in their health and encouraged by the ongoing support of their care team.

Further, when an employer signs up with the Digital Medicine program, our representatives work specifically with them to agree on key indicators to focus on for their organization. We align goals, whether it is to reduce the number of workdays missed, decrease the cost of care or assist in company communications.

By offering Digital Medicine to their employees, an organization offers a proven solution that allows patients to choose where they are in their healthcare journey. The workplace is where many people spend most of their week; it is important to create an environment where employees feel supported to improve their health.

Not only are there true wellness and financial benefits to the Digital Medicine program, but it can take some pressure off employers when their employees are empowered to care for themselves.

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