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How to Celebrate the 4th of July at Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we celebrate holidays and socialize. With physical distancing mandates, you may have postponed a few trips or feel in uncharted territory until further notice. But don’t worry; there’s still a way to celebrate and keep special holidays alive, even if it may look a little different this year. It’s time to adjust your expectations and get creative!

Use Virtual Reality and Streaming Services

With the advancements of technology, streaming services help may things a little less “distanced.” There are still creative ways to experience the thrill of watching the big fireworks while self-isolating.

Each year, Macy’s 4th of July fireworks show draws in millions of viewers, both in person and through a television broadcast. With social distancing in effect, this year’s broadcast will look a little different, but the show will go on with John Legend leading the charge. This year you can tune into NBC on Saturday, July 4 to watch the broadcast, which will air from 7-9 p.m. CST.

Video Chat Party

Video conferencing platforms are a great way to communicate with the loved ones you normally spend the 4th of July with! It’s also a great way to party and practice social distancing. Talking on the phone will never go out of style, but there’s something about seeing someone’s face through FaceTime or Zoom when celebrating a holiday. With just a little planning, you can plan your entire 4th of July party via video conference.

Your Favorite Bites

If you’re used to joining a 4th of July grill-out, plan your own with your family! There’s nothing better than the smell of burgers on the grill. A backyard cookout is the perfect stay-at-home activity for the long weekend. Throw some hot dogs, hamburgers or whatever your go-to cookout food is on the grill and have a little feast with those your social distancing with. Don’t forget the fixings, sides and dessert!

If you don’t like to grill, save yourself a trip to the grocery store and support local businesses with a takeout order! If you always eat a certain restaurant, check to see if your go-to eatery is still open and open for delivery or curbside pickup.

Create a Group Photo Stream

Did you know that you can create a photo stream on any iPhone where everyone in the shared group can post and view each other’s photos? Don’t have an iPhone? Use other photo sharing apps like FamilyAlbum, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, PhotoCircle or Flickr. Through a sharing service, anyone can upload photos to share the memories made on the 4th of July. This option also help relieve the pressure off of being “live” on a video call.

Get Sparklers

Sparklers are a great way to bring the excitement of fireworks to your home. They’re legal in most states, but double-check your state’s regulations. Remember to stay safe when handling sparklers. Only use them outside and closely supervise any children under the age of 12. Sparklers get very hot and young children should not handle them.

Got kids? Throw a backyard water party.

Throw on the patriotic swimsuits and have a backyard water bash for you and your family! Don’t have a pool? The sprinklers and backyard water house make an awesome at-home splash pad. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! Grab the patriotic-themed red, white and blue treats to make your day extra festive!

The information in this blog post is accurate at the time of publication. However, as the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to change, it's possible that information has changed since being published. While Ochsner Health is trying to keep our blog posts as up-to-date as possible, we also encourage readers to stay informed on news and recommendations by using the CDC website.

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