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How Successful are Kidney Transplants?

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It can be overwhelming for a patient with chronic kidney disease to figure out the next step. Our kidneys do so much for us, from filtering waste and excess fluids in the blood to helping regulate our blood pressure. Here at Ochsner, our team has created an environment of excellence and compassion.

Patients who have kidney transplants can enjoy freedom from dialysis and a return to a more active lifestyle. Research shows that patients who opt for transplants over a life on dialysis live longer.

Catherine Staffeld-Coit, MD, medical director for kidney-pancreas transplant and nephrologist, discusses everything you need to know about kidney failure from causes and symptoms to how to take care of yourself post-transplant.

When it comes to having the best outcome post-transplant, Dr. Staffeld-Coit says that being a proactive patient is essential. “I want them [patients] to be proactive and control the controllable. The patients who advocate for themselves, ask lots of questions and follow the recommendations, it’s clear that they do so much better.”

The Ochsner Transplant Institute team is dedicated to helping you fight for a second chance at life by delivering expertly coordinated, family-centric care that leads to superior outcomes. Along with medical treatment, we address the emotional, financial and practical support issues often faced by transplant patients and their families.

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