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How Does Child Life Services Add to Patient Care?

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The Child Life Program at Ochsner Children's has expanded greatly in the recent past. The Child Life Therapists are incredibly important to our pediatric patients, especially those who have to stay in the hospital over a long period of time. For some patients, the hospital has become like a home to them, and our team is great at creating a "home-like" environment and sparking joy.

It's a chain reaction to give kids the best level of care. Most of the patient's time is spent on the units with team members like our Child Life Therapists, so it is important that they create a great relationship with them. One of the biggest part of the patient's care is looking at the big picture and creating a great experience for the patient and their family.

Dr. Thomas Young says, "I'm always amazed when these children have gone through so much ... and it may have been years since they were actually in the hospital, and they always want to go back to the floor or back to the Intensive Care Units so they can see those nurses again and everyone else who cared for them. They really do become family."

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