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How Do Joint Replacements Work?

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Orthopedic surgeon Willard Moore, MD discusses the resurfacing process of joints during surgery. "In general, when we think about a joint replacement, resurfacing is probably a better term. We’re basically shaving off the ends of the bones to get rid of that worn out cartilage and putting a new artificial surface. Usually that’s either metal or polyethene, which is a fancy plastic. For a hip replacement, we’re replacing the socket which is part of the pelvis and the ball which is the top of the femur. It’s a new ball and socket joint to replace the one that was worn out.

On a knee side, we’re resurfacing the joint. We put a metal cap on the end of the thigh bone, we put a metal tray on the shin bone side and then we usually resurface the back of the kneecap as well. We shave the back of the kneecap and put a polyethene or plastic lining there. We resurface the whole knee so you can’t have arthritis anymore."

It’s hard to be optimistic about life when you’re in constant pain. Even the slightest bit of activity can put you on the sidelines when you have joint problems. Whether you want to get out and walk for your favorite cause or just want to be able to go about your daily activities without pain, the Ochsner Orthopedic team is here to help you make it happen. One of the best joint replacement programs in the nation is right in your own backyard.

    At Ochsner, you’ll be cared for by the most experienced teams of orthopedists, anesthesiologists, advanced practice providers, physical and occupational therapists and social workers in the region. We strive to offer our patients better experiences, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recoveries. Our ultimate goal is to help you be able to go about your everyday life with a smile on your face.

    Our team takes the time to listen to your concerns, and will help you choose the care approach that’s right for you. Treatment options include minimally invasive joint resurfacing, partial joint replacement and robotically assisted joint replacement surgery using the Mako system. Our team of surgeons is among the most qualified in the region performing minimally invasive robotically assisted MAKO surgeries. These procedures enable patients to have faster healing and less pain. Same-day total joint replacement surgeries are performed at Ochsner.

     Learn more about Dr. Moore, here

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