Holiday Road Safety and Health Tips

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With Thanksgiving and Christmas break quickly approaching, you may be one of the many college students driving home for the holidays. To make sure you make it to your destination safe and sound, here are a few tips for traveling during the holiday season.

  1. Prior to even considering taking a road trip, make sure the vehicle you’re driving is in good condition. If you have been having issue with it lately or are having doubts about its durability in the weather you plan on traveling through, you may want to find a different form of transportation. Winter essentials you should pack in your car.
  2. Map out your destination before getting on the road. This is important to all drivers, but it is especially important to drivers traveling to an unfamiliar area.
  3. Always keep a roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer close. Gas stations and rest areas do not always have the cleanest restroom facilities, so just in case, keep a roll of toilet paper and some sanitizer handy.
  4. Break up your travel time. Although it is better to travel with another person who can drive, if you are travelling alone, break up your trip. Yes you want to make it home as soon as possible, but a sleepy driver is never a safe one. Pull over and take a quick nap, stretch, or snack; you’ll feel so much better.
  5. Be prepared for anything. Keep a spare tire, a back-up phone, a blanket, flashlight, charger, money, and a first-aid kit somewhere in your car. Never go on road trips without these items. Accidents happen and you can never be overly prepared.
  6. Pack for the changing weather. Specifically for those traveling down South be prepared for climate changes. It can be 50 degrees one day and 70 the next; be prepared for anything.

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