Halloween Tips: Enjoying Treats & Avoiding Tricks

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Halloween is filled with the excitement of pumpkins, costumes, and having lots of fun (without too much sugar!) with our family and friends. Here are a few tips to keep you and your loves ones safe on the 31st.

  • Costumes can be fun and playful, but be sure to do a trial run to ensure that your child will not trip over a cape or gown, can see with the mask on, and that the shoes fit well. Make adjustments as needed. It's helpful to choose brightly colored costumes or add reflective tape to illuminate your child's costumes so they are easily visible.
  • Accidents are unfortunately common around this holiday from falls or children darting out into traffic. Keep young children close at all times and hold hands when crossing streets and on uneven walkways.
  • This is also a time we can get a bit carried away with candy. Setting clear expectations before heading out to trick or treat is highly recommended. Be sure your children have had dinner so they are not tempted to snack before you are able to inspect the candy at home. Be sure to remove any small hard round candies or small toys that are choking hazards for young children and infants. This also includes removing any items that may be a concern for children with food allergies, be sure to read labels closely.
  • Finally, if your kids are old enough to trick-or-treat without supervision, remind them not to eat any candy until they return home.

When in doubt - throw it out!

For more information, please visit ochsner.org/pediatrics.

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