Fun Ways to Improve Motor Skills In the Summer

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School is out for summer, and we are enjoying lots of fun in the sun! Here are some suggestions to help your children maintain handwriting and fine motor skills without giving “homework” during the summer.

• Have a water balloon fight and have your little ones help fill and tie the knots on the balloons

• Use sidewalk chalk to create artwork in the driveway

• Make lemonade from scratch and let your child squeeze the lemons

• Race rubber ducks in the pool by using a spray bottle to propel them

Make homemade popsicles together and then save the sticks to use as practice forming letters

• Practice writing or playing games like Hangman in the sand at the beach

• Play the “Alphabet Game” in the car on road trips. Keep a Magna Doodle in the car to practice writing each letter or word as you find them

• Plan a cookout or picnic and have your child help write the grocery list

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