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5 Steps To Relieve Digital Eye Strain

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Every day, your eyes spend a great deal of time reading on various types of screens. Fifty-five percent of adults use computers, smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices for five or more hours a day. And, 83 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 estimate they use devices for three or more hours each day.

Regular eye care to prevent digital eye strain can help you to have a lifetime of healthy vision.

5 steps to relieve digital eye strain at work:

  1. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Take a 20-second break, every 20 minutes and view something 20 feet away.
  2. Keep a distance. The AOA recommends sitting a comfortable distance from the computer monitor where you can easily read all text with your head and torso in an upright posture and your back supported by your chair. Generally, the preferred viewing distance is between 20 and 28 inches from the eye to the front surface of the screen.
  3. View from a different angle. Ideally, the computer screen should be 15 to 20 degrees, or about 4 to 5 inches, below eye level as measured from the center of the screen.
  4. Decrease glare. While there is no way to completely minimize glare from light sources, consider using a glare filter. These filters decrease the amount of light reflected from the screen.
  5. Blink often. Minimize your chances of developing dry eyes when using a computer by making an effort to blink frequently.

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