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Day in the Life of a Pediatric ENT

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Pediatric ENTs, or ear, nose and throat specialists, can diagnose and treat issues with your child’s head and neck. These issues can range from chronic ear infections to more complex issues involving the larynx, throat, sinuses and more.

Ochsner Hospital for Children’s John Carter, MD, is a pediatric otolaryngologist, or a pediatric ENT. In today’s video, Dr. Carter takes us along on a day in the life of a pediatric ENT, featuring Preston, a patient at Ochsner Hospital for Children.

Preston’s case is complex and requires a multi-level team of expert physicians. Not only does Preston see Dr. Carter for ear, nose and throat issues, but he also sees gastrointestinal and pulmonary specialists at Ochsner, too. Because of Ochsner Hospital for Children’s multidisciplinary team of physicians who work together to treat patients, Preston can receive quality, holistic care he needs to live his fullest life.

“I think it’s really important to have everybody at the same table, so everyone is on the same page,” Dr. Carter says.

The comprehensive care at Ochsner Hospital for Children, and our team’s expertise, extends far beyond Louisiana. Because Ochsner Hospital for Children is a tertiary and quaternary level center for kids with complex airway issues, two of the highest levels of specialty care in healthcare, patients from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and beyond travel to visit Ochsner’s team of experts.

“I think the special thing about Ochsner is that you have a team of some of the best physicians in the country with some of the greatest attitudes and personalities in the country, who are motivated and work tirelessly and are passionate about taking care of kids with complex issues,” Dr. Carter says.

When you care about kids, it shows.

From chronic ear infections to more complex medical cases, Ochsner Hospital for Children’s multidisciplinary team of pediatricians is here for you – and your child – every step of the way.

To book an appointment with a pediatric ENT, please click here.

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