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8 Reasons Your Child Should Attend Summer Camp

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Soon the heat will crank up and your children will be out of school and home to keep you busy. Summer gives parents the chance to spend more time with their children or take long family vacations. However, a break is often much needed and well-deserved for hardworking parents. Sending your child to a summer camp is the perfect place for them to have some safe, summer fun.

The following are reasons why you should consider sending your child to a summer camp:

1. Opportunity to try new things

Summer camp is full of new experiences for your child to try. Has your child ever wanted to take up archery for the day? What about learn a new art skill? Many summer camps offer activities that your child wouldn’t normally get to try, so encourage them to take full advantage.

2. Gaining confidence and self-esteem

When your child is at camp, they are encouraged to try new things, meet new people and overcome new challenges in a setting that is fun and supportive. Camp teaches kids that they are capable of making their own decisions (like what to buy during snack time or which activity to sign up for) and allows them to grow into a confident, well-rounded kiddo!

3. Becoming more independent

Being away from Mom or Dad can be a big jump for most kids, but they’ll come back feeling like they can take on the world. Like the point above, many camps give kids a plethora of options and decisions to make. Additionally, some sleepaway camps require kids to perform cabin chores.

4. Improving interpersonal and social skills

Your child probably has a core group of friends at school or at home, but summer camp is the chance to meet new kids from around your area, or sometimes from around the country. Putting your child in an environment with new people is a great way to teach them how to make friends in different situations.

5. Learning through success and failure

Whether they just conquered their fear of the ropes course or are struggling to keep up in swim lessons, camp is guaranteed to challenge your child in new ways. Sometimes they will come home with great accomplishments to share, and other days they might feel let down, but simply learning from each experience is one of the best lessons camp can teach!

6. Physical activity and increased strength

Most camps are filled with athletic-driven events like relay races, capture the flag, football, swimming, dodgeball or hide-and-seek. Don’t be surprised if your child will come home extra smelly and sweaty most days. All this activity is a great way to promote child development, coordination, strength and overall healthy habits in your child.

7. Leadership and personal growth

Camp is one of the best places for your child to learn leadership, conflict resolution, independence and respect for others. Throughout camp, there will be several opportunities for your child to be a team captain, get the lead in a performance or help a fellow camper.

8. Develop skills for school, work and life

From time management to problem solving, the lessons learned at camp will last far beyond the end of summer. When a child returns to school after attending summer camp, you’ll easily notice all the new skills they learned translate into academics.

Most importantly, camp gives children the opportunity to have FUN! Sign your kid up now for a summer they’ll never forget. 

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