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Check-In for Your Appointments from Your Phone

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Want to skip the registration desk for your doctor’s appointment? Many Ochsner locations are now offering mobile check-in on the MyOchsner app and “curbside arrival.” These options allow you to check in remotely and wait in your car or in the lobby. Here is how to get started on these low-contact arrival options.

Complete ePre-Check first!

Regardless of which method you choose (mobile check-in, curbside arrival or in-person check-in), you can speed up your arrival by completing your pre-registration in MyOchsner. Up to seven days before your appointment, you will see an option to ePre-Check.

To complete ePre-Check follow these steps:

  • From the “ACTIVITIES” menu, tap “Appointments”
  • Under the selected appointment, tap “EPRE-CHECK”
  • Complete the questionnaire
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What is Mobile Check-in on the MyOchsner app?

  • ePre-Check must be fully completed in the patient's MyOchsner account for Mobile Check-in to be successful.
  • Mobile check-In allows you to confirm arrival and check-in for your appointment from your personal mobile device.

What are the technical requirements for mobile check-in?

  • A mobile phone or tablet with iOS or Android operating system
  • The MyOchsner app installed and Ochsner Health selected as your healthcare provider
  • Enable “Location Services” on your device for the MyOchsner app. Your app will then recognize when you are near your Ochsner appointment location and prompt you to check in.
  • Don’t want to use location services? When you arrive at your appointment location, log in to the MyOchsner app within 30 minutes of your appointment time and click "I'm Here" on the appointment details to check-in.
  • If you have fully completed ePre-Check and confirmed arrival, you are checked in for your appointment. You will receive an additional message with instructions on where to go for your appointment. Feel free to wait in your car or in the lobby. We will send you a text message once we are ready for your appointment to begin.

What is Curbside Arrival?

Select locations have curbside arrival, which allows you to wait in your car or the lobby after you check-in with MyOchsner mobile check-in or by calling a designated phone number. You will receive a text or call when it’s your turn. Here are the steps to follow when utilizing curbside arrival:

  1. Call upon arrival - Call the number provided at the location to let our team know you’re there. If you have already checked-in using MyOchsner ePre-Check and mobile check-in and received confirmation that you’ve checked in, you do not need to call.
  2. Wait in your car or the lobby - Our staff will call or text you when your provider is ready.
  3. Proceed inside - After you’ve been contacted, our staff will direct you to your exam room if you need assistance

Some locations may not have curbside arrival available. If you have any questions before your appointment about curbside arrival, please call our MyOchsner team at 1-877-339-2637

In-Person Check-in

As always, if you prefer to check-in for your appointments in-person, simply head into your appointment location to check-in with the front desk.

For MyOchsner patient support, contact us:

  • By email at
  • By phone at 1-877-339-2637

The MyOchsner Patient Support Team is available Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Editor's note - This blog was originally published on May 12, 2020 and has since been updated.


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