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Best Toys for Young Children

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Need gift ideas for your child at the holidays? Choose a gift that will be fun but also support your child’s learning, social skills, and emotional development.

Research has shown that there are certain toys that children not only enjoy at certain ages, but that actually support your child’s growth and development. So, when choosing gifts for a young child, choose a toy that will foster your child’s growth and development.

For children ages 1 to 3 years, here are some toys that promote learning and social-emotional functioning:

Push-pull and ride-on toys

Small tricycles and wagons

Simple puzzles, shape sorters, peg boards

Movement games

Large beads

Blocks, stacking rings

Picture books

Crayons, markers and clay

For children ages 3 to 5 years, here are some items and toys that will promote creativity, problem-solving, and social skills:

    Dress-up with accessories


    Large bead-threading and lace sets


    Simple board games (Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Candyland)

    Puzzles (no more than 24 pieces)

    When choosing a gift for a young child, choose a gift that keeps on giving. These toys and items will last several years because spark the child’s curiosity and creativity.

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