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At What Age Can Children Start Wearing Contact Lens?

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Is your child ready to be able to wear contact lenses instead of glasses? What is the best age to start wearing contact lenses?

These are common questions that both parents and their children ask, but there isn’t a set rule on the children’s age.

Much depends on how responsible your child is. Children as young as eight may do well with contact lenses, but there are some older teens who may be too immature to handle the responsibility. Eye care providers usually recommend contact lenses for children older than 12 because in younger children the risks usually outweigh the benefits.

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lens

  • Better peripheral vision for sports or driving, if your child is old enough to drive
  • In some cases contacts can improve quality of vision compared with eyeglasses.
  • Studies have also shown improvement in a child's self-perception when wearing contact lenses instead of glasses.

Although contact lenses have their benefits, your child may not be ready for the added responsibility of contact lenses. Injuries or complications can occur with contact lens and usually result from poor hygiene. Always have your child follow the eye care provider's advice on proper contact lens hygiene.

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Basic Rules to Follow for Wearing Contact Lens

  • Wash your hands before cleaning or inserting lenses.
  • Clean and rinse your contact lenses as directed. Only use products recommended by the eye care provider.
  • Never put your lenses in water or saliva.
  • Do not wear lenses for longer than prescribed.
  • Never wear someone else's lenses.
  • Never put contact lenses into a red eye.
  • Remove contact lenses if the eyes are itching, burning, or red and irritated. Call your eye care provider.
  • Never sleep with contact lenses.

Contact lens care is now easier and more convenient than ever before, making it a possibility for many children. Basic lens care includes cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting, and storing with a special solution. This solution will keep lenses clean, comfortable, and free from bacteria. Be sure to follow the exact instructions given to you by your eye care professional.

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