Bad Idea: What to Know About Alcohol Enemas

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It’s a well-known tale for many: teenagers and young adults looking for ways to consume alcohol and feel the effects as quickly as possible, without tipping off their parents or the authorities. Today, alcohol is the most widely used substance of abuse among American youth, with more than half between the ages of 12 to 20 having tried alcohol. College-age students are commonly presented with a drinking culture that includes the campus staples of the beer funnel or a keg stand.

However, there is a new type of consumption that is leading to emergency room visits across the country which comes in the form of “alcohol enemas”, and the results of this type of activity can be disastrous.

What are Alcohol Enemas?

Alcohol enemas, commonly known as “Butt Chugging”, are not much more complicated than their name implies. Users place a small tube into their rectum and pour alcohol directly into their colon. With the alcohol being absorbed directly into their blood stream, the user feels the effects of the alcohol quicker.

Why are Alcohol Enemas Dangerous?

When alcohol is consumed orally, our stomachs and livers break down the alcohol, reducing the toxins being absorbed by our bodies. When alcohol is received via the lower gastrointestinal tract by enema, it doesn’t meet the enzymes required to break it down and, therefore, entering the bloodstream in a much more concentrated form. This can result in a blood alcohol content that can overwhelm the liver and result in alcohol poisoning and possibly death.

Overall, alcohol enemas are a disturbing trend that poses a serious medical threat to anyone who chooses to partake. Alcohol abuse can have long-lasting physical, emotional and psychological costs. As always, alcohol should only be consumed orally and in moderation by of-age adults, allowing our bodies to process it naturally.

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