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A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Ryan Himes is pediatric gastroenterologist at Ochsner Hospital for Children. He came from Houston, and "one of the chief reasons was to work with this transplant team'' at Ochsner.

He said, "It's exciting to have a pediatric program that can dovetail into all of those resources that they have.''

As a pediatric hepatologist, he sees children who have liver disease. Some of the children he helps are undergoing liver transplantation. 

"It is super rewarding to see kids who are very sick in the ICU for weeks and months preceding transplantation to see those kids' lives turn around so completely.''

The Ochsner Hospital for Children Pediatric Liver Transplant program is part of the Ochsner Transplant Institute Liver Transplant Program that has been ranked No. 1 in the nation for the past five years. Ochsner has the only pediatric liver transplant program in Louisiana. Ochsner has performed more than 2,000 liver transplants, making Ochsner the most experienced liver transplant center in the Gulf South.

Learn more about pediatric liver transplants at Ochsner.

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