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7 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant

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7 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant

Aside from the obvious prenatal supplements, here are a few things you should do while you are preparing to get pregnant.

1. Make sure you feel like you are in a good place

Identify any stress triggers in your life and consider ways that you can alleviate them. Start by considering your place of employment and living situation. Changing careers or moving to a new home while pregnant can be a little more difficult, but are still feasible. Will you be able to take time off after you give birth? Are your hours flexible enough to accommodate childcare? If you are unhappy in your current position, now is a good time to look at other options or talk with your boss about possibly shifting your role.

Another thing to evaluate is your current living space. Do you have an area that you can designate for the baby? If you were considering moving into another home, now is a good time to start the search. Keep in mind that a newborn does not need its own room or playroom at first so don’t stress if you are unable to find a new home or clear your spare room immediately.

2. Talk with your spouse about becoming a parent

It is important to talk with your spouse about your priorities and expectations as a parent. Discuss some of the bigger parenting preferences – like religious traditions and childcare preferences. Communication is key and your values are important. You will be glad you have addressed these things before you get pregnant.

3. Get off the pill

It is important to talk with your doctor about getting off the pill and allow your cycle to get back on track naturally. It can take some time for your hormone levels to normalize so give yourself a few months for everything to get back on track. If your cycle does not return after a few months, you should see your doctor. There are great apps today that can help you track your ovulation and be helpful when you are trying to conceive. If you are not on the pill, it is still smart to speak with your physician about your plan to become pregnant.

4. Do something special with just you and your spouse

Travelling with a baby or even going to dinner can be challenging. Take some time for the two of you to go somewhere special like an adult-only resort or camping in the woods. Even if you just go on a special date night, give yourself some time to enjoy being alone. It might also be fun to be a tourist in your own city and get a hotel room for the night. Dress up and enjoy the fact that you can appreciate this time alone without worrying about getting home early for your parents or to pay the baby sitter.

5. Get on a workout schedule

Whether it is an intense workout with a trainer or a brisk walk in the park, try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day. If you can shed a few pounds before you get pregnant, it will help you have a healthier pregnancy. You will also be glad you gave yourself some room for that extra baby weight. Starting a workout regime pre-pregnancy will help you maintain it while you are pregnant. This routine will also help you shed those post-pregnancy pounds.

6. Tone down the partying

As you know, drinking and smoking are big no-no’s during pregnancy but it is smart to cut back before you become pregnant. A few glasses of wine on the weekend are OK, but if you are closing the bar down on a weeknight, you might want to consider scaling back. Drinking, smoking and drug use can interfere with your fertility and lower men’s sperm count. Now is the perfect time to kick these habits. You will be glad you did when you do get pregnant and you won’t have to stop cold turkey.

7. Review your finances

Open a savings account strictly for the baby and start putting a little away each paycheck. Take a look at your current spending habits and look for areas where you can reduce spending. If you buy coffee every morning or go to lunch every day, consider making your coffee at home or bringing a sandwich from home. Turning your $12 lunch into a $3 lunch will definitely pay for a few packs of diapers.

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