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7 Things That Make Pregnancy Easier

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Pregnancy and new motherhood can be overwhelming. These tools can help take some of the stress out of the equation.

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it’s seldom easy. Your growing baby requires a lot of your body’s physical (and mental) energy. And the side effects — from heartburn to frequent urination to morning sickness — can be tough to navigate. Plus, there’s so much to know about bringing a baby into this world that it can seem like your brain is always on information overload.

But there is good news! There are plenty of resources available to help make these nine months easier. Here are seven you need to know about.

1. Connected MOM

One way to make pregnancy easier is with Ochsner’s Connected MOM (that’s short for Connected Maternity Online Monitoring). This program is designed to help you manage your pregnancy with fewer trips to the obstetrician. Instead of going into the doctor’s office for the usual checks, you can upload your blood pressure and weight directly to your medical record from the comfort of your own home. Your care team monitors the results and provides treatment recommendations as needed.

Be a Connected MOM. Ochsner’s Connected MOM program is free and allows you to cut down on doctor visits while receiving quality care. Sign up today!

2. Nutrition Plans Especially for Expectant Moms

Want to make sure you’re consuming enough calories and getting the best nutrition for your baby? Ochsner Medical Nutrition Therapy may also be able to help. You’ll get a personal assessment and customized meal plan based on your nutritional needs. The registered dietitians also offer coaching to help you make any necessary changes.

3. Prenatal and Postnatal Physical Therapy

For pregnant women who have back or neck pain or any other pregnancy-related pain, physical therapy from Ochsner Therapy & Wellness can offer relief. Plus, you can get help with any lingering pains after the baby arrives, along with pelvic floor dysfunction that can result from pregnancy.

4. Personal Training

Don’t wait until the baby arrives to start exercising again. Pregnant women who are healthy can absolutely hit the gym (but modifications might be necessary for some exercises). And exercising during pregnancy might even help make labor a bit easier. Talk to the personal trainers at Ochsner Fitness Center for personalized workouts.

5. Prenatal Vitamins

You know how important folic acid and other nutrients are during pregnancy. Are you getting enough? Ochsner Pharmacy & Wellness offers a two-month supply of prenatal vitamins for only $10.99, making it easy to stock up.

6. Pregnancy Apps

Want to better understand how your baby is growing? Need info on what you should be doing each trimester? Looking to relieve stress with meditation? There are several apps that can help, including BabyCenter’s pregnancy tracker, the pregnancy tracker app from the experts at What to Expect When You’re Expecting, WebMD’s pregnancy app and Calm. The technology specialists at Ochsner’s O Bar can provide customized wellness app recommendations based on your needs.

7. Breast Pump Advice

As your due date nears, if you plan to breastfeed, you’ll want to start thinking about breast pumps. Most insurance companies cover breast pumps at 100%, and the experts at Ochsner Total Health Solutions can help you understand your options and find the right one for you.

Whether it’s your very first bundle of joy or you’re a pro, knowing what to expect when you’re expecting can often feel overwhelming. Ochsner is here for you to help make your pregnancy a rewarding and stress-free experience. 

Editors note: This article was originally published on Sep 3, 2019 and has been updated.


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