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6 Reasons To Get an Annual Physical

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We make appointments to see our doctor for many different reasons. While some of us only go to the doctor when we are experiencing a new problem or have concerns, your primary care physician can actually offer much more.

One way to achieve good health is to get an annual physical. Why some of us may not think of a yearly examination as being necessary, your physician can actually offer some valuable help during your visit that can assist you in preventing future health roadblocks down the road.

Below are 6 reasons why you should schedule your yearly physical examination today:

  1. Prevent health problems. This should be the most important reason. Annual physicals allow your doctor to review any changes that have occurred over the last year and encourage healthy choices and lifestyle. Also, your physician can help you identify risk factors that could lead to future health problems and offer expert advice on how to manage them. Your physician is a valuable asset in your goal of remaining as healthy as you can be.
  2. Strengthen relationship between you and your doctor. People who get along with their doctors are more likely to go see them, be honest with them and listen to their advice.
  3. Establish baselines. Getting a routine physical will help establish a baseline that will aid you and your doctor in making future healthcare decisions.
  4. Save Money. If a doctor can detect a problem before it gets serious, you’ll save a lot of money on medical bills down the road.
  5. Update Vaccinations. These are not just for children. Staying up-to-date on your vaccinations is an important way to prevent disease and its consequences such as missed work and future healthcare concerns.
  6. Review and renew medication prescriptions. Reviewing your medications with your physician, including over-the-counter-medications, will ensure you are treating your medical problems the best way available and will help prevent possible side effects of medications and possible medication interactions.

Remember, the best medicine is preventative medicine. Schedule your physical today.

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