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5 Reasons Every Young Athlete Should Get a Physical

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This is an important time of year for our young athletes who participate in sports. As a requirement for participation in middle school sports, these young athletes must get their pre-participation physical exams. The primary goal of this evaluation and exam is to promote and support the health, safety and well-being of our middle school athletes.

Here are 5 reasons every middle-school sports athlete should get a physical:

  1. To facilitate and maximize safe participation in sports. Safety is always a huge concern for young children playing sports.
  2. To detect potentially life-threatening or disabling conditions. Physicals play an important role in monitoring your child’s growth, development and health.
  3. To detect conditions that may increase the risk or predispose the athlete or others to injury while participating in sports. This is also a good time to discuss the importance of helmets and protective gear during sports activities.
  4. To screen for conditions that require a treatment plan before or during participation of sport.
  5. To provide opportunity to initiate discussion regarding health-related topics. This is the perfect time to get your child comfortable with seeing a physician and show them the importance of checking on their health all throughout their lives.

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