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5 All-Natural Water Bottle Add-Ins

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Heading out on a hike this weekend? Or perhaps catching a music festival coming to town? If you’ve got plans coming up that will keep you outdoors for an extended amount of time, remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day so you can keep the summer fun going.

Even if you tend not to be much of a water drinker and instead prefer a flavored drink, then water bottle add-ins make a great alternative in helping to keep you replenished. They’re also convenient and easy to take along with you, plus won’t weigh you down with sugar like many sodas and other sweetened drinks can.

In one of our recent “Get The Skinny” segments, we address our top picks for 5 all-natural, low-calorie water bottle add-ins.

  1. NUUN Natural Hydration
    • 7 calories – 0 sugar – 97 mg potassium – 345 mg sodium
    • Ingredients include vegetable juice for color + sweetened with stevia
  2. Ultima Replenisher
    • 15 calories – 0 grams sugar – 75 mg potassium – 5 mg sodium
    • Ingredients include vitamins/minerals + grape seed extract; stevia & luo han guo
  3. Emergen-C
    • 20 calories – 5 grams sugar – 200 mg potassium – 60 mg sodium + B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, etc.
    • Ingredients: Fructose, citric acid, natural fruit & vegetable juice color; sweetened with stevia
  4. Crystal Light PURE (Lemonade + Mixed Berry)
    • 30 calories – 6 grams sugar
    • Ingredients include blend of sugar + stevia; naturally colored with vegetable extracts
  5. Coconut water like Coco Hydro Packets – Lemon-Lime (Whole Foods)
    • 80 calories – 16 grams sugar – 650 mg potassium – 105 mg sodium
    • Ingredients: Evaporated coconut water, glucose, sea salt, ascorbic acid, lemon and lime flavor

For more details on this topic, watch Molly’s “Get The Skinny” segment on WGNO New Orleans.


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