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Ochsner’s O Bar Makes it Easier for Patients to Manage their Health

Ochsner’s O Bar Makes it Easier for Patients to Manage their Health

We’ve probably all experienced frustration or impatience while sitting in the waiting room for our doctor visit, but what if you were able to put those moments spent waiting towards actively improving your overall health?

Ochsner Health System is the first in the country to introduce the concept of a ‘genius bar’ in a health setting. The O Bar shares physician-recommended health apps at its state-of-the-art iPad® bar. Patients with diabetes, high cholesterol or smoking cessation needs can test the best apps to manage their health and wellness.

Dr. Richard Milani, Ochsner’s Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, conceived the O Bar to offer patients “a way to explore some of the best health applications and engage them in their own well-being.”

The O Bar also carries the latest in cutting-edge, interactive health technology that works via a smartphone or online app and can even email daily results to your physician. For example you can monitor your blood glucose or plug in a scale or wireless blood pressure cuff. These devices sync information to patients’ Smartphone or an online application that allows an easy way for them to analyze food and fitness habits and make improvements if needed.

For those who find the process overwhelming, the O Bar is staffed by a technology specialist who can assist in choosing the right product or app for your lifestyle as well as providing setup guidance and support. Patients can even contact the technology specialist from home with any further questions that they might have. Braden Lemon, one of our technology specialists, says, “As long as they have an issue, I’m here to solve it for them.”

“Ochsner is evolving to meet the needs of a new world in healthcare,” says Dr. Milani. “The use of technology to engage patients in their own well-being will be a significant part of healthcare in the future.”

Patient education is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle which is why interactive education centers are set up throughout the waiting rooms, as well. iPads® are available for patient use to review a library of searchable health topics.

Dr. Pedro Cazabon, Associate Medical Director of Primary Care, says, “We are focused on keeping people well and teaching them how to stay healthy, rather than just treating the illness when they are sick.” All of the functions of the O Bar empower people to become more informed about their health and enhancing the level of care between patients and their doctors.

The O Bar is located at Ochsner’s Center for Primary Care and Wellness at 1401 Jefferson Highway.

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