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Ochsner, GE Healthcare, and the Idea Village launch the “Wear Your Health” Challenge

Ochsner, GE Healthcare, and the Idea Village launch the “Wear Your Health” Challenge

In our technologically- driven world, wearable tech and mobile applications are everywhere: on our wrists, in our pockets, even built directly into our shoes, clothes and water bottles. As leading healthcare innovators, Ochsner and GE Healthcare have partnered with New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem The Idea Village to discover the next big concept in wearable tech as it relates to managing chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. This is the “Wear Your Health” Challenge: a two-part project which seeks to identify wearable technology concepts and mobile application solutions that transform healthcare outcomes by addressing behavior management in patients with chronic disease.

Today, chronic illnesses account for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the United States, as well as more than 80% of total healthcare costs. As Ochsner’s Chief Clinical Transformation Officer Dr. Richard Milani explains, “Chronic disease is a particularly serious health and community concern in Louisiana, which is ranked fifth in the nation for the highest rates of diabetes and heart disease and fourth in the nation for the highest rates of cancer. The ideas generated through this challenge can provide new solutions to address these issues in our community but also extend these findings to patients across the U.S.”

The “Wear Your Health” challenge seeks to engage entrepreneurs and innovators across the U.S. – with a special focus on the local New Orleans entrepreneurial community – to think about the best ways to address the evolving needs of healthcare, encourage lifestyle modifications and help impact individual health. Phase 1 of the challenge, which kicked off on July 30, will identify up to 10 winners for a cumulative prize pool of $10,000 USD. The winners of Phase 1 will then be eligible to participate in Phase 2, where 3 finalists will receive additional development funding from a discretionary prize pool of $15,000 USD. The overall winner will be announced at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, March 11-18, 2016.

The overall goal is for these patient-centered technologies to drive highly personalized patient experiences and treatment plans; reduce the total cost of care and improve the quality, speed and access to care. If you or someone you know loves mobile-driven technology solutions, we encourage you to submit a short video sharing your ideas here

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