Five Ways Your Little One can Have “Eggs-tra” Fun this Spring without Eggs

With all of the Easter traditions involving eggs, it can be hard to find suitable activities for a child with an egg allergy. But rest assured, there are plenty of alternatives out there for having fun this Easter holiday without eggs. All it takes is a little creativity and a visit to your local craft store to get the ideas going.

Check out  these fun alternatives below to get some ideas for allergy-safe crafts to help make this spring a memorable time for all:

  1. Wooden Eggs
    • Use colorful paints
    • Cover them with beads
    • Carve designs in them
  2. Plastic Eggs
    • Decorate with stickers
    • Fill with allergy-free treats
  3. Styrofoam Eggs
    • Use colorful paints
    • Decorate with glitter
    • Decorate with tissue paper or wrapping paper that has been dipped in a glue/water solution and cover with Mod Podge®
  4. Ceramic Eggs
  5. Design Easter Puppets
    • Create out of old socks
    • Use popsicle sticks, paper or foam sheets

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