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First Baby Vs. Second Baby - What’s Different?

First Baby Vs. Second Baby - What’s Different?

It’s true what they say- there are differences between being an expectant parent of your first child versus your second child. I’m seven and a half months pregnant with my second child and as our family prepares for his arrival, I realize how my thoughts around our second child on the way are vastly different than with the first.

*Mommy disclaimer- You’re actually not crazy: These are the concerns I have had. I’m certain not all of you had ALL of these worries, but I would love to see what you think. As a mom, I know sometimes it just helps to know what others have experienced and that you’re not crazy!

I made a quick list of questions my husband and I have had as expectant parents both times.

Are there any thoughts you had? Are there any you would add to the list?

Worries/thoughts with my first child:

  • Did I think of everything? (It’s not possible)
  • Is everything I registered for safe enough for my baby?
  • What do I need to change at home to make it safe for my baby?
  • What kind of delivery do I want to have?
  • How do I choose the right pediatrician?
  • Am I hurting my baby?
  • How will this change my relationship?
  • How will we handle child care and work?
  • What’s not safe to eat/drink during pregnancy?
  • Can I still exercise?
  • Can we still have sex during the pregnancy?
  • Why am I so tired?
  • Are those contractions? How will I know what they feel like?
  • Should my partner and I get vaccinated?
  • Should my child’s caregivers/additional family members get any vaccinations?

Worries/thoughts with my second child:

  • How will we deal with being more tired?
  • How will we juggle two kids?
  • How will we handle child care?
  • How will we afford two tuitions for child care?
  • How will we set up our space at home for both kids?
  • What baby items need to be replaced?
  • What baby items should we get rid of?
  • How will my toddler handle a new baby and all the attention he requires?
  • Will I be able to give my second child the same attention my first child received?
  • Do we need a double stroller?
  • How will we fit multiple car seats in the vehicle(s)?
  • It was tight squeezing in a date night before, how will we do that this time around?

My daughter is now 3 years old and over time, I’ve learned that with all the worries swirling around parenthood; I try to remember several simple reminders:

  • Trust Yourself- You know your child best, so trust your gut feelings.
  • Don’t Listen To Everything You Hear- It’s overwhelming with everything on TV, online and in other forums. Take what you know and make your best decision.
  • Your Child Will Be Okay- We can’t be everything to our children all the time, even though we may try. In the end, your child will be fine.
  • You’re Doing The Best You Can- Overall, everyone is just trying to do a good job. You’ll quickly assess what you think you would have done differently and what has worked well.
  • Sometimes It Has To Come From Someone Else. When I’m caught in the mix of daily pressures and stress, sometimes it helps to hear these things from fellow parents.
  • You’re Not Crazy- It may feel like it some days, but I promise you’re not crazy- you’re a parent.

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