10 Tips to Help Manage Your Diabetes During the Holidays

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Eating is one of Americans’ favorite pastimes. So when the holidays come around, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, we tend to throw some of the principles of healthy eating out of the window. For people living with diabetes, poor eating habits –if only for a day, can be harmful to your body. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the turkey, ham, candied yams, and that amazing stuffing!

1. Eat Your Breakfast

So often we skip breakfast in preparation of the holiday feast. However, the longer you wait to eat the less willpower you will have to avoid the urge of overeating. Be sure to indulge in a protein and fiber rich breakfast.

2. Dine in a Separate Room

Try to move the congregating to a separate room from the dishes. Surrounding yourself around all that temptation may cause you to eat mindlessly.

3. Make It Count

Don’t waste 50 grams of carbs on the boring starch-filled rolls or the pre-packaged pie. Find that homemade sweet potato dish and savor a few bits of it. Make it count.

4. Take Your Time

You’ve waited all year for this moment. Don’t feel guilty. Take your time and enjoy every last bite. When you take your time eating your food, you are less likely to overeat.

5. Enjoy Your Family More

Make your holiday less about the food and more about the people who help you partake in the food. Exchanging memories and fond moments can help fulfill your spirit even more than food.

6. Mind Your Portions

Fix your food in moderation. The more food we see the more we pile on our plate. Help limit your portion sizes by using small plates or salad plates to reduce your overall portion size.

7. Liquid Calories

Low sugar, low carb and low calorie liquids are your best options. Drink alcohol in moderation as well. An alcoholic beverage can contain just as many calories as a much more fulfilling slice of turkey.

8. Get Physical

Start a tradition with your family and introduce some physical activity into your holiday plans. It’s always a great idea to pause before dessert and workout some of the dinner before indulging in dessert. This can help lower your blood sugar as well.

9. Eat Meat and Vegetables

Great thing about the holidays is the popular main attraction of turkey, which is low carb. No stranger to the dinner table –vegetables are also essentials to have on your plate. Don’t forget your salad.

10. Salt Is Overrated

Instead of piling on salt and sugar; use spices, herbs and other high quality seasoning to make your dishes taste awesome.

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