November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Now is the time to help raise awareness about diabetes.

Coping With Stress: Election Edition

If the craziness of election season is affecting your anxiety, here are some healthy suggestions for how to reduce...

Nervous Habits: “Cracking” Your Knuckles

Some people twirl their hair, some people tap their foot up and down—others crack their knuckles.

What Is Movember?

This Movember, men should think about their health and plan a visit to the doctor for annual check-ups.

What is Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Although commonly associated with women and tampon use, Toxic Shock Syndrome can affect men, children and people of all...

What Is Hammertoe?

What Is Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is an abnormal bend of the middle joint of little toes that affects about 200,000 Americans per year.

The Waiting Game: Why Do Patients Have to Wait?

Here are some instances that contribute to a longer wait time for patients, along with solutions you can do...

Physical Therapy & Dance - 10 Helpful Tips

The two most common types of dance injuries are traumatic and overuse. Here are 10 helpful tips to prevent common...

Sleep Paralysis: Trapped in a Nightmare - Ochsner Doctor’s Note

Sleep Paralysis: Trapped in a Nightmare - Ochsner Doctor’s Note

Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of sleep paralysis, a terrifying sleep disorder.